Monday, December 29, 2014

So I haven't actually ridden off into the sunset...

I've been a wee bit scarce around here of late, and it will be just a wee bit longer before I can get back to regular posting, but I have a good reason. First of all, the holidays were CRAZY, but in a good way. But it's had me busy mostly every day, between photo shoots, finishing up Christmas gifts, and attending multiple family and work (Nick's) events. And then there was the tea. Sawyer somehow managed to knock a cup of tea halfway across the couch onto my poor laptop, which I was actually using at the time. Fortunately it's still under an extended warranty protection plan, so it's being sent off to be repaired, which I'll certainly be glad to get done, but in the meantime I'm without means to post photos, a circumstance that isn't quite conducive to being a successful craft blogger. SO...hang in there for me. When I get back I'll be posting all about the Christmas gifts I made, as well as a few other crafts I've got lined up. Happy New Year!

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