What's Up With The Name?

When I was pregnant with our youngest, Nick and I spent a lot of time coming up with a name we both loved. We rejected a lot of names for the usual reasons - we knew somebody with this name who was a jerk, or that name rhymed with an embarrassing word, or this name sounded like a huge nerd, or that name meant something awful. We were especially cognizant of how the name we chose could be used to tease when our boy entered school. Finally we decided on Sawyer Ford Roach. Longtime fans of Lost, the name Sawyer jumped out at us in the baby book, and we were both drawn to it. Nick has always been a car guy, so the name Ford really appealed to him, and I loved it too. Best of all, there was no way to make fun of it, right? Or so we thought, until a friend of Nick's visited and we told him the name. 

"You mean like 'I saw yer Ford driving by'?" Well, crap. But by then we were absolutely in love with our choice, so we stuck with it, and it's absolutely perfect for the crazy, loud, happy, rough and tumble little boy we have!


  1. That's too funny! My parents have similar stories of naming me...I was named after a news woman on the 6:00 news, lol.

  2. How funny! My brother's middle name came from a steak house my parent's drove by late in the pregnancy. :)