Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wire Bead Jewelry Set

My mom's birthday was last month. She loves handmade jewelry, so I decided to make her a necklace and matching earrings.

I've had surprisingly good luck in the past finding reasonably priced and pretty beads in Walmart's craft department, and when I went looking for supplies for this set, I was not disappointed. I found some pretty round beads that look either blue or black, depending on how you look at them, for the bulk of the necklace, but the real star of the show were these gorgeous silver tone wire ball beads!

You can buy them on Amazon, as sourced above (not an affiliate link), but they were much cheaper at Walmart, like half of Amazon's price.

This set was very simple to put together. I used stretch cording. I looped one end of the cording a short distance over a split ring, then added a crimp bead and squeezed it shut to hold it in place. Then I strung 50 blue/black beads. Then I added a wire bead, blue/black bead, wire bead, blue/black bead, wire bead, then 50 more blue/black beads. Then I threaded on a crimp bead, then a spring ring clasp, then threaded the end of the cord back down through the crimp bead and crimped closed.

The earrings were a little more complicated, but once I figured out what my plan was they were easy enough. 

I looped the cording down through the ball, around a wire inside, then back up through the top. Then, with both ends of the cord together, I threaded two blue/black beads onto it. Then I threaded a crimp bead onto one end of the cord, then looped the other end through a wire earring hook, then fed that end back down through the crimp bead and squeezed it shut. There was just a tiny bit of cord end protruding down from the crimp bead, so I snipped that off. Then I just added a silicone earring back and I was all done!

I also had enough blue/black beads left for Lily to string her a bracelet to match. I had her use stretch cording for that also, and I just double knotted it to close it off.

I love how these came out, and more importantly, my mom loved them too! She's worn them to church several times since I gave them to her a few weeks ago. 

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