Sunday, June 29, 2014

Painting With A Twist: 16th Anniversary Date

Thursday was mine and Nick's 16th wedding anniversary. Can you believe he's put up with me for so long? Good guy, that one.

That day Nick had to work, and that evening we wanted to attend a memorial service for a friend of ours who went home to be with the Lord this week after a battle with colon cancer. So there wasn't really much opportunity to celebrate, although we did have a lovely dinner together after the service. My parents took our two girls for the night, so with just Sawyer on board it was almost like a real date. ;)

But on Friday, Nick made big plans for us! He told me to drop the kids off with my parents (all 3 of them!!) and meet him after work. From there we drove to Painting With a Twist where he surprised me with a yummy dinner of fish tacos and an art class!

I did this several years ago at another place (Uptown Art, I think) with my friend Danielle, and we had so much fun!

I came home raving about it, and told Nick that I would love for us to get to do a class together someday. He's a terrific artist, and I can at least follow directions, so I thought it would be something we would really enjoy together, and I was right!

The class we took offered an option to do it as a couples class and split the painting, which is what we opted to do. This was perfect, because my one hesitation about doing it together was the thought that we would go home with two paintings that were essentially the same.

The instructor was great, very patient and encouraging, and it was such a relaxed atmosphere. I was not comped in any way for this post, and Painting With a Twist does not, in fact, know that I'm writing it, but I wanted to share was an awesome experience we had!

The price point varies depending on the scheduled painting, and it ranges anywhere from $25 to $45 a seat, although you can find classes like these on Groupon and Living Social all the time.

It was so cool to see how everyone's painting was a little different from everyone else's, and it was awesome to me to see how well mine and Nick's flowed together.

He added a little heart with our initials to my tree. :)

We plan on hanging these in our bedroom, and I would love to be able to do this again next year. How neat would it be to someday have years worth of artwork to look back on as memories of our anniversary each year?

This was such a fun date, and I'm a truly blessed girl to have the husband God gave me! I love you, Nick!

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