Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camp Craft - Paracord Bracelets

This is not a tutorial - there are a ton of them out there for these bracelets, for instance here. This is just a bit of a recap of what we did at camp.

We don't usually have crafts of any sort, which we (my crafty church sisters and I) felt was a shame. So we decided to have the kids try their hand at making paracord bracelets. Right now with kids camps and VBS looming on the horizon, Walmart has a ton of these paracord kits in stock for a little under $5 (not an affiliate link).

So I stocked up on enough to make 54 bracelets, thinking that would cover what we needed. Then we ended up having more campers than we thought, and including workers we needed at least 76, so I went back and bought enough for 30 more bracelets. THEN the kids totally mobbed us and begged and pleaded to make more than one, so we ended up having to go back AGAIN to get 3 more kits just so the adults could make one too, because let's face it, paracord bracelets are just cool!

This was a crazy huge hit with everybody, and I've already started buying up more paracord for next year. Hopefully by the time camp rolls back around again I'll have enough stocked up for everyone to be able to make 3 or 4 bracelets if they want. I also found a great deal on flat side-release buckles, a must if you want your bracelet to be reversible, and they will also cut down on that fun oops-you-put-half-your-buckle-on-backwards moment we had to work through with about 15 kids. :)

Why yes, there are indeed two kids wearing a watch and nothing at all on their wrists.

It was really neat to see them enjoy creating something so much, and I loved how almost all of them wore the bracelets nonstop. We even made one for this big guy.

I'm so glad they had so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again with them next year!

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