Thursday, May 22, 2014

Presser Foot Series: Bias Tape Foot

Today we're talking about the bias tape foot.

Bias tape used to terrify me! I didn't understand it, and I could never seem to get it sewn on well. I always missed stitches on one side or the other, and even if I managed to get it sewn on, my stitch line was all wonky.

Two things changed all that for me. The first was this awesome video by Dana of MADE (scroll down to the 6th one), and the second was my bias tape foot. This little beauty makes sewing on bias tape SO neat and effortless!

A couple of months ago I made up a few baby gifts for my SIL Rachael. You'll have to excuse the quick cell phone photo snapped on the floor in the church nursery. This was pre-blogging.

I will probably talk about the other gifts pictured in the future, but for now I want to tell you about the chevron diaper clutch.

First of all, I want to point out that this is not my design. I got this from Cheri over at I Am Mama, Hear Me Roar. Cheri stopped blogging last year, but she has generously left her blog in place so we can all revisit the awesomeness. So head over there to get the tutorial.

But this was the first project I used my bias tape foot on, and it was SO easy! Rachael carries her diaper clutch all the time, so I thought I would make one up for me too. I'd love to think that I won't be carrying a diaper bag much longer since I bought Sawyer a potty chair the other day, but let's be real - Lily was closing in on 4 before we had what I would call total success. Anyway, these are cute enough that they would be great to carry all kinds of things in. I chose these two canvas duck chevron prints from Hobby Lobby. They often have these in the remnant bin in various colors, and I snap them up whenever I can.

So cut out your fabric, stack it together, then grab your bias tape and bias tape foot. Mine is a snap on foot, which I love.

The bias tape foot has slots where the sides of your bias tape slide in. The little metal wheel on the foot allows you to adjust the foot to accommodate wider or narrower bias tape. You may want to cut your bias tape to a point to make it easier to insert into the foot. You're also going to want to do this while the foot is off the machine.

Once you have the tape inserted, pull it through past the back of the foot a couple of inches. This will give you a little to pull on as you start sewing to help pull your fabric and bias tape sandwich under the needle. I forgot to do this before I took the picture.

Install your foot, then carefully insert your fabric between the plastic slots holding your bias tape.

Your needle will need to be set to a center position straight stitch.

Start sewing, being careful to go at a speed you're comfortable with, and make sure to keep the fabric fully inserted into the foot. If you let it slip out, it won't get sewn in between the folds of the bias tape.

This project only features bias tape sewn to the ends of fabric. But if you are sewing around a circle or other closed shape, stop your machine when you get back near your starting point. Cut the bias tape being fed into the machine a couple of inches longer than you need and fold the end under. Make sure the folded edge is being fed neatly into the slot and sew it over your starting point. Then backstitch a few stitches and cut your thread.

Look how neatly my tape is sewn on, front and back! I could have never gotten it this perfect using my zigzag foot!

Tomorrow and Saturday we will learn how to add the button and buttonhole to our project!

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