Thursday, May 29, 2014

Presser Foot Series: Invisible Zipper Foot

Today I'm going to tell you about the invisible zipper foot.

You wouldn't believe how easy this foot makes installing invisible zippers! On the bottom of the foot are these two groves that fit right over the teeth of the zipper, making sure your needle goes exactly where it needs to go.

First, read the instructions that came with your invisible zipper regarding how to place it against the edge of your fabric. If you're repurposing a zipper, as I did here, and don't have the instructions, the best way to do it is to lay your zipper down right side up, then place the sides of your fabric where it will be sewn, seam allowance already folded, on top of the zipper where it will meet the zipper. Pin one side in place, then open your zipper all the way up.

Now, if you are working on the right side of the zipper, place the teeth of the zipper under the right groove. If you're working on the left side of the zipper, you'll utilize the left groove. Make sure your needle is in the center position no matter which side of the foot you're using. The groove will position the zipper so that your seam goes right along the teeth.

Sew all the way down until you're stopped by the zipper pull, then stop and sew the other side of the zipper. Now, zip up the zipper. Okay, this is the part I forgot to get picture of, but it's really simple. You're just going to close up the rest of the seam on the skirt. Sew it with a seam allowance matching that of the zipper, and sew from the bottom of the skirt up, sewing the bottom of the zipper when you come to it.

See how it's sewn right into the seam!

Here's the finished skirt! It ended up being just a little loose on her, but that will give her a little more time to wear it.

See how invisible the zipper is!

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  1. That's neat. I've never used an invisible zipper presser foot. I have a really old Viking machine and supposedly all the Viking foots are supposed to fit, but I recently bought one and it didn't fit. So sad. I may have to upgrade to a new sewing machine, but I love the one I have.