Saturday, May 24, 2014

Presser Foot Series: Button Foot

Today we're going to learn how to use our machine to sew on a button. Admittedly, it's not very hard to sew a button on by hand. But it is kind of a pain in the butt. At least to me it is. So if I can use my machine to do it, I'm happy to do so.

So this is really easy. First grab your button foot, which looks like this:

Pop it on your machine and grab the button you're going to use. Now measure between the holes of your button. What you're looking for is the distance in millimeters. 

Now set your stitch on your machine. It should look something like this:

Now follow your manual's instruction to change your stitch width. For this project I set my width to 4.5 mm, the largest my machine will accommodate. Now place your button under your presser foot, with the holes between the prongs of the foot. Now manually move your flywheel to lower the needle slowly to check and make sure it is landing in one of the holes in the button. When you have the button position correct, start sewing. Your machine should stop automatically when the button is sewn on.

When you are finished, pull the loose thread(s) through the holes in the button to the back and tie in a knot to keep it from unraveling. 

And now we're all done! I found that my case, like Cheri's, will hold a slim wipes case and 3-4 size 3 diapers. 

Tomorrow we will explore the rolled hem foot.

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