Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leah's Box of Sunshine

Guys, the picture here, I just can't even. I almost didn't post about this gift, because every shot I took of it was just awful. BUT, in my defense, I took them very late at night, on my couch, in my terribly lit living room because this all came together very last minute. I knew what I wanted to give her, but I didn't get the chance the get everything until that night, and I had to take it to church with me the next morning, so this is what you get. :/

Anyway, this is the Box of Sunshine I put together for my SIL Leah's birthday earlier this month. Although in this case, it was actually a bag of sunshine. :) I've seen this idea all over Pinterest, so I don't really know where to give credit, but if you did it before me, thanks for the inspiration!

Here's what I included:

1. Yellow chunky yarn
2. Butterfly spatula
3. Measuring spoons
4. Yellow mouse coin bank
5. Headband
6. Lemon gummies
7. Carmex
8. Sunshine embroidery inspired by Funky Polka Dot Giraffe
9. Yellow flower bracelet
10. Yellow nail art paint
11. Yellow musical star pillow
12. Marigold seeds
13. Flower pot
14. Eyelash curler
15. Juicy Fruit gum
16. Flower vent clip air freshener
17. Headphones
18. 2 pairs of yellow and gray socks
19. Beaded memory wire bracelet made by me
20. Yellow embroidery floss
21. Highlighters
22. Notebook
23. Yellow straws
24. Lays potato chips
25. Lemonheads
26. Yellow silly string
27. A sunny birthday card
28. Big fluffy gift bow

I couldn't find a box that I liked, but I fell in love with this yellow and white striped straw tote at Walmart. Leah's favorite color is yellow, which made this whole gift perfect for her.

Most of the items came from the Dollar Tree. There's nothing very extravagant in there, but all in all I think it made a very fun package, and I hope it brightened her day!

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