Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Package Pals Craft Exchange

As I mentioned earlier, I participated in a craft exchange last month. It was the Package Pals exchange hosted by Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T.
My partner had a baby girl right before the deadline, and I was kind of covered up with Taylor's birthday party, so we gave each other some extra time. I sent her a message a week or so ago to let her know that I had her stuff just about ready to mail. Unfortunately the reply I got came from her husband and let me know that she had had a medical emergency and was in the hospital! :(
I was quick to let him know that I would be praying and to please not worry at all about the exchange. I finally got her stuff sent out to her last weekend, and I was so pleased to hear from her that she got it and was pleased with it all. I honestly don't need or expect her to send anything - she has a brand new baby to focus on, on top of recovery from a serious medical event! But I'm so glad that I got to meet her, and I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers!
Anyway, here are the things I sent:
First of all, a boxy makeup bag like the ones for Taylor’s party.
These are just so much fun, and they really are deceptively roomy!
Next was this great big headband for her new baby girl made with pleated gold trim and a vintage button center.
I also sent this soft singed satin flower headband that she can use as a pony holder for herself if she wants!
And another singed flower, this one on a bobby pin.
I included a couple of leather bows like those for Taylor’s party, and also a little leather rose pin.
When we were getting to know each other she mentioned that owls are meaningful to her, so when I spotted this cutie at the Dollar Tree, it just begged me to take it home for this mom of a new baby girl.
She’s doing baby’s room in woodland creatures and little gnomes, so I thought this guy might be a fun addition somewhere.
She told me that she’s begun making some hair bows and headbands herself, so I wanted to send her some supplies for that, starting with this sheet of non-slip grip fused to felt. I back all my hair clips with this, and it works GREAT for keeping even big bows in silky little girls’ hair.
In keeping with her love of owls and woodsy things, I included this ribbon.
I also added a handful of double pronged clips and a big metal clip to assist in making boutique bows as explained in this pin.
And some gems of various shapes and sizes for center embellishments.
And of course the pillow cover and name banner I mentioned in my first post about this.
By the way, that’s my handsome little brother Toby and his gorgeous wife Leah (recipient of the Bag of Sunshine). Smile
Etsy Name Banner


  1. That is the best package! You are so thoughtful! And I love those leather bows.

  2. Thanks, Bobbie! I had fun putting it together!